We deliver ALL the safety training for you!
Your managers are off the
"time for safety training" hook.
Simply Sit Back and Watch Your Restaurant Employees Work Safer!

(Less than 9¢ per employee/day)

*When you save the cost of just One Restaurant Accident, this program will pay for itself many times over*

Protect Your Dream

If your employee gets hurt and goes to a lawyer and claims you didn't train him/her how to be safe, you could get sued.

Protect Your Bottom Line

When you have less accidents, your worker's comp multiplier goes down and you SAVE big BIG money.

It's Not Your Fault

Up until now, safety training has been time consuming, expensive, and ineffective.
We're here to help you change that.

Transparent Affordable Pricing

Less Than


Plus 1 time Set-up Fee

Get Rid of Compliance Headaches!

We take care of all safety training for you

13 Jam-Packed Fun Online Restaurant Safety Training Videos

New Training Every 28 Days

Participant Guides

Online Quizzes

Employee Certificates of Completion

Monthly Safety Posters

Reminder Emails Sent Directly to Your Employees

Monthly Reports Sent Directly to You

Email and Phone Support



Learn About Our Enterprise Plans (For chains with more than 500 employees) Less than $2 User/Month


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