Protect Your Dream

If an injured employee goes to a lawyer and claims you didn't train him/her how to be safe, you could get fined...BIG TIME!

Protect Your Bottom Line

When you have less accidents, your worker's comp multiplier goes down and you SAVE big BIG money.

It's Not Your Fault

Up until now, safety training has been time consuming, expensive, and ineffective.
We're here to help you change that.

A lack of effective safety training may already be costing you a great deal.

When you save the cost of just One Restaurant Accident,
this program will pay for itself many times over!

How Much Are Unsafe Employees Costing You?!

  • How much time are your managers wasting showing boring videos to your crew?
  • How many of your employees still keep having accidents because they just don’t care or understand that they could be really hurt?
  • How much extra time are your manager’s spending filling out accident reports and hiring backup crew, when they could be on the floor making money for you instead?
  • How much extra are you paying for your worker’s comp insurance because of too many accidents?

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