Here's How It Works!

Your Employees Sign Up

Once we're on your team, we'll create a custom web page where your employees can sign up to take safety training.

We Deliver Training

Every 28 days we deliver fun engaging online micro-learning safety training on subjects like Cuts, Burns, Slip-Trip-Falls, etc.

Employees Pass a Quiz

Your employees will use the training and workbooks to pass a quick 10 question scenario based quiz. Ensures understanding.

We Send A Certificate

Once your employees pass the quiz, they will be emailed a digital certificate with their name. Instant Gratification! 

Employees Get Social

Your employees can share their certificate online on all their favorite social hang outs. "Hey! Look what I got from where I work!"

We Send You a Report

Every 28 days, we'll send a full report to whomever you designate. Simply download the report, if you like. Or keep it online!

28 Days Later...

We start again. We email your employees, they take the new training, pass the quiz, get a certificate, and you get the new report. Easy Peasy! 

And your managers can run your store.

Your employee's will be reminded every 28 days about safety. And will enjoy sharing their safety certificates online.

When employees think safer, they work safer, accidents stop happening, and your worker's comp payments go waaay down.

We do it all for you. Simply sit back and watch your restaurant employees work safer each and every day.

Train My Restaurant Employees to
Work Safely

30-Day No-Questions-Asked
100% Money-Back Guarantee

And keep your Customized Safety Handbook
as our gift to you.


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