What Is The Training Like?

Restaurant Safety Subjects Include:

New training every 28 days!

Each video has 8 micro-learning modules:

Employee's brains are trained to focus for short periods of time, absorb quickly, and move on to the next bit of information.
So we present the information in this way.

Intro to the Accident Type

Quick facts alert employees why they should work safely so they can avoid this type of accident. Includes the possible unpleasant outcomes, such as lost wages, hospitalization, and pain.

The What?

What are burns? What are cuts? Ergonomics? If an employee understands that an accident CAN happen to them, they'll be more careful.

The Potential Hazards

What are the potential hazards that might cause an accident? Restaurant kitchens can be deadly, if you don't know of and respect the dangers. Now your employee will be fully aware and have less, if any, accidents.

Train My Restaurant Employees to
Work Safely

The Why?

When your employees better understand the why an accidents can happen, the better they can avoid the unpleasant outcome. Understanding why can be a great motivator for positive outcomes, such as safety!

The Steps to Prevention

The most crucial mini modules within each training video. Now that your employees know they don't want to have or encounter this type of accident, they'll learn the principal steps to prevention

The What To Do (Just in case)

Though many accident can be prevented, some accidents may still happen. Here we learn the critical steps to take to avoid excessive injury.

Train My Restaurant Employees to
Work Safely

The Wrap-Up

Safety is a team effort. Employers and employees are both responsible for safety. Only working as a team can costly accidents be avoided. Employees will understand that they have responsibility for their own safety

The Music

Twinkle. twinkle......

Yes, music makes all learning easier to remember. Your employees will remember that they can help get accidents to zero, when they become a Restaurant Safety Hero. TM

100% No-Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee 

The Restaurant Employee Safety Program has a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason at all, ask for your money back and receive a complete no-hassle refund.

And keep the Customized Safety Handbook as our gift to you.


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